Welcome to Possum Holler!  

We get our name for our farm from one day in the dead of Winter where we had a unusual warm spell in the middle of January and that evening there were Possum's in most of the tree's 2-3 deep getting ready to get down to business ! We have an Aviary where we raise some diifferent birds such as Greencheeks,Ringnecks, Quakers and a few others . We seem to have  settled on specializing in the higher end Quaker color mutations . We also have 1 large commercial Greenhouse with 2 more ready to put up . I'm the bird nut and my wife is the plant person so we each have our passions. We unfortunately are a Closed Aviary and Greenhouses which means we are not open to the public and not open for tours, This is our home and the home of our many bird species and plants. We sell at trade shows and by Website only and visitors are strictly by appointment only

Come on in and stay a while and browse our online catalog for the birds and plants we raise . If you have any Questions just use the buttons at the top of all of our pages to contact us